Family Problems

  • Why are my children not listening to me?
  • Why is my husband always in a bad temper?
  • Why does my wife create problems for me?
  • Why is there no peace at home?
  • Why do I get suicidal thoughts?

There are many small disturbances that can lead to a disastrous family affair, just as many small drops of water make an ocean. our benevolent Guru Ji, is keen on nipping these problems right in the bud before they can escalate to such an extent that a family is broken as a consequence of it; through divorce or worse. The problems that you may observe in your family, which could be causing multiple tears in the fabric of your family, could come under:

  • Members in your family being obsessed with fashion and taken in by the new opportunities that privatization offers; giving into consumerism
  • Growing emphasis on individualism; children wanting separate rooms, everybody wanting more freedom
  • Frustration and boredom dictating family gatherings and interactions
  • Financial problems
  • Untrustworthiness
  • Lack of communication and understanding
  • Issues regarding child-bearing; unable to, don’t want to
  • Dissatisfaction in love and marriage
  • Addictions to various harmful substances
  • Looking upon certain members of the family with disfavor
  • Intolerant to differences within the family and many more.

These problems, when they get out of hand, can affect your social and professional life thus maiming your life all-round. Family everything and one must never let minor differences lead to disastrous consequences. Seek help from Dr. Sharma, who will listen to your troubles, your family’s point of views and finally provide your family problems’ solution that is amenable to both you and your family. He will also explain to you why certain solutions are not the best way to go and how they will make the entire situation worse.

Our astrology expert, he will provide you with the best solutions to handle these situations. He is quite famous in India and the world for being the best family problem specialist who will provide you with you solutions after a thorough understanding of your needs.

In addition, these affect every individual of the house which makes resolving them all the more important. It is advised that you try to resolve the problems on your own first. But if you realize that the problems are still not getting solved, then you can contact a family problem solution astrologer who will guide you in solving all types of problems.

A family problem solution astrologer is a person you consult to solve the issues that are present within your family. First, he will have a look at the birth charts of all the family members and the doshas that exist in each.

Then he will give you various astrological remedies based on the birth chart analysis. These remedies will include chanting of mantras, wearing gemstones, getting a specific yantra, making vastu changes, performing certain pujas at home etc